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Black Target Firearms Training and Supply opens in town

T.M. Gabrielson

Jun 19, 2017 Updated Jun 19, 2017

Gloria Krauklis and Ron Krauklis stand in front of a new tactical gear display at Black Target Firearms Training and Supply, which recently opened in Appomattox. Their beagle, Ruger Pearl is the store’s official mascot. 

After Ron Krauklis retired from the Army, he began working as a government contract worker. Through that opportunity, he established good working relationships with several tactical merchandise manufacturers.

Krauklis began selling weapon accessories at gun shows and he would also set up a booth at the 460 Flea Market. He quickly outgrew his small booth there, and decided to open a brick-and-mortar store.

“We developed a good following so we decided to set up a shop,” Krauklis said.

His new store is named Black Target Firearms Training and Supply, and is located on 460 at 6971 Richmond Highway.

The new store is offering products such as “range bags, cleaning kits, custom made holsters, ammunition, concealed carry purses, hearing protection, eye protection, and much more,” according to the new business’ press release. “He will also provide military police, E.M.S. and fire-related items such as t-shirts, hats and gift items. In addition, there will be items from vendors throughout Virginia such as candies, jewelry, pens, and much more. And of course, Civil War books, puzzles, and other memorabilia for the tourist to our area.”

Guests in the store will also find heater meals (Similar to military MREs) and a variety of wood, glass, and metal gift items that can be engraved and personalized.

Ron, and his wife, Gloria are certified National Rifle Association instructors, and through the business they will be offering training courses in the near future. The Krauklis’ have several certifications on teaching many different courses, and they also want to focus on the needs of the community.

“A part of what we want to do is educate our customers.” Krauklis said. “We have all of the resources available where we can develop new classes.” Currently, they are searching for a location where gun-handling courses can be held.

“Personal defense is on peoples’ minds because of the world’s events,” Gloria Krauklis added.

Classes that will be offered include NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, Home Firearms Safety, Refuse to be a Victim, a Range Safety Officer course, and a non-NRA course which would qualify students for a Virginia concealed handgun permit.

The Krauklis’ have lived in Appomattox County since 2007.  They met in Korea through their time in the Army, and have traveled the world together. Gloria grew up in Appomattox and the couple is happy to call this area home.

The new business also has a mascot, Ruger Pearl, who is a young beagle, eager to greet customers at the front door. While online shopping sales grow daily, the Krauklis’ want to give their guests that personal one-on-one experience. Anyone can buy an item online, but what the Krauklis’ bring to the business is their expertise in gun and tactical gear knowledge that they are ready to share with customers, and you can’t put a price on that!

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